Monday, September 26, 2011

Andalusia Chicken (Ayam Andalusia)

Chicken comes from the Spanish Andalusia. and its name derived from the origin of the chicken area, namely Andalusia. actual presence of these chickens are also in English and became famous in the 19th century.

type chickens was approved by the APA (American Poultry Association) in 1874. but from the American Poultry Association, they are better known as the blue Andalusian. Andalusian chickens but also often found with white or brown, and sometimes have white patches. chicken is quite slow in biakannya developments. in one year is usually the chicken is only produced about 160 eggs and white.

their behavior tend to favor freedom, so avoid contact with humans. chicken is mostly acting and noisy.

male chicken is the size usually 3.2-3.6 kg while females 2.3-2.7 kg.



Anonymous said...

wah kok mbahas ayam
mau jadi penjual ayam ya?
kunjungi blogku ya di

Zian said...

Hebatnya Tuhan... :)

Putrie Jrs said...

nggak salah nih??
tumben bener bahasnya AYAM??

Salam sayang dari Putrie Jrs

Disabilitas dan Pandangan Masyarakat said...

kalau dilihat sekilas ini masih mirip dengan ayam kampung dari indonesia ya.

BLOG Si YAQIN said...

@ putri: Salam juga! lama nih kau g muncul... hehehe... yg abis liburan ke china rek...

eh mengenai postinganku yang ini kamu kaget ya? q ndiri juga kaget kok kok bisa posting beginian... wkwkwkw

@ Disabilitas: yups!!!

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