Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ancona Chicken (Ayam Ancona)

Ancona chickens come from Italy. and its name derived from the original name of the region, namely Ancona. before the chicken is famous in Italy, this chicken actually sudh famous in English since the 19th century.

The most prominent characteristic of this chicken is the color of white spots on his fur. Chicken is available in black and sometimes dark purplish-green. breeding is quite good, as every week nearly 5 eggs they can produce. The resulting egg color is white. stud size chicken can reach 2.7-3 Kg. and females can reach 22-25 kg.

Anconas can have either a rose or a single comb, as either are accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1898. This breed has four toes on each foot, no feathering on its legs, and does not possess a crest. Their combs are medium in size, and single comb Ancona females should have lopped combs. 

This chicken has always been restless behavior in the cage or you could say nervous. and the chicken is happy with the freedom to tend to stay away from humans. so it took more patience in maintaining this chicken

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