Sunday, January 22, 2012

are mars can be lived by us?

acquaintance with the planet Mars

This planet is the 4th closest planet from the sun. The apparition of the planet is reddish so often referred to as the red planet. This planet has 2 satellites, namely Phobos and Deimos. This planet for 687 days in orbit around the sun. This planet also rotates. When rotation is 25.62 hours. Mars similar to Earth's size, but smaller. Characteristics are almost similar to Earth's!

What's on MARS?

to find out the existence of life or not at Mars, NASA did not stop to investigate. During his research NASA photographed a variety of natural appearances there. Some inventions are successful in getting there is enough to make surprise me, either with your heart. Here are some pictures:

The discovery of fossil
The discovery of fossilized human skull

The discovery of fossils of animal heads in MARS are studied by scientists and found similarities with the animal on Earth

Mirip dengan bagaceratops (dinosaurus yang hidup di zaman cretasius) dan cheetah masa kini
Similar to birds archaeopterix (Jurrasic age birds) and birds turkey in the present

Some mysterious artifacts

Forest MARS.


Some objects like tools and monuments on MARS

Is MARS is suitable as our home?

The scientists to review some of the factors that the existence of life on Mars:

* · Reserve Ice as thick as 800 Meters
* · Found a kind of moss plants found on mars
* · The sky is blue mars
* · The land resembles the earth
* · There has been a process of water circulation

But if you think about it more ... Mars will not be our next house, although its characteristics almost identical with the earth. due to:

* · Temperature and pressure on Mars is so low at between -140 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius (can we freeze to death)
* · The majority of air is carbon dioxide (oxygen could be traded donk)
* · Thinness of the atmosphere
* · Although ice is found, because the temperatures are so low, the ice will be difficult to be water

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